The city that consumes the most marijuana is shocking

Marijuana is illegal in India, but residents of Mumbai and Delhi are extremely ignorant. In the 2018 global marijuana consumption index, Delhi came in third, while Mumbai came in at sixth. Delhi and Mumbai residents love marijuana, according to a study by ABCD, a German-based research institute, and company Seedo that provides hydroponic growing tools so marijuana consumers can grow their plants. Based on the index, New York City is home to the most marijuana enthusiasts and makes cannabis a cbd oil for sale, followed by the City of Karachi, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Moscow, Cairo, and Mumbai, The study stated that Delhi and Mumbai marijuana enthusiasts consumed 38.3 and 32.4 tonnes of marijuana on the world market, respectively.

The low price may cause more Indians to consume marijuana. ABCD said the selling price of marijuana in Delhi was the only US $ 4.38. Meanwhile, in Mumbai, the average price of marijuana is the US $ 4.57. The two cities each have the lowest prices for marijuana in the world per gram. ABCD is an organization advocating for the global legalization of cannabis. To support their campaign, this 2018 index accompanies the tax revenue figures that can be taken by local governments, if marijuana is taxed like cigarettes. The result? Delhi has the opportunity to get the US $ 101.2 million. Meanwhile, Mumbai’s tax income has the potential to increase by the US $ 89.38 million.

It was not until 1985 that the trade and production of cannabis sap and flowers were banned under India’s Psychotropic and Narcotics Act. Previously, marijuana was freely traded. Despite being criminalized, marijuana continues to be trafficked and consumed throughout India. Now, marijuana consumption is growing thanks to the legalization movement by young people. By removing the criminal element from marijuana, governments of various countries have been able to regulate marijuana production safely, reduce the power of underground criminal gangs, and generate far more revenue from taxes. To carry out this research, Seedo looked at the countries with the highest and lowest consumption of cannabis in the world, then shared the results based on the legality of marijuana for each country. This list of 120 cities is thought to offer a holistic picture of global marijuana consumption trends.